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Earn using a robotic trading system on FOREX based on artificial intelligence.
Customer information must be filled out for each participant in the account, individually, jointly, by all general partners and corporate employees authorized to make trading decisions for the account. For the purposes of this document, the term "Client" always refers to the legal entity for which this application was submitted, regardless of the legal description.
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* Legal entities must fill out and return the appropriate permit form.
Type of organization:
If different, please indicate
If different, please indicate
Description of products / services:
Address (legal entity or personal):
US citizenship
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For US customers: Social Security or Tax Number:
If not, what is the citizenship of which country?
Employment Status:
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Describe your products / services:
Indicate political relevance
PEP - it is a person who holds or has ever held one of the political posts.
If you are an PEP, indicate the position:
The PEP also includes close partners and immediate family members (mother or father; child; spouse (a) or civil partner; spouse (a) or civil law) partner's mother or father and brother, sister; any other child of the mother or father of the person) THE PEP.
Do you have any experience? (check all that apply):
Trading securities?
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Trade futures?
If yes, indicate how old:
Trade currencies?
If yes, indicate how old:
Trading stock options?
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Trade in goods?
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What is your total estimated annual income:
estimated annual income if the applicant is a legal entity
What is your total net worth:
total assets less total liabilities if the applicant is a legal entity
Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
If yes, indicate date and details
Will others have a financial interest in this account?
If yes, please indicate name (s):
Are you, your spouse or any other relative in the same household, employee, principal, owner of more than 10% of shares or an associate of a retail forex counterparty?
If yes, please explain:
Do you manage a commodity pool, a combined investment mechanism, or act as an intermediary accepting funds from others?
If yes, please explain:
What is your trading goal:
How did you hear about AIFC?
Download a copy of your passport / ID:
Download a copy of the address confirmation:
Utility bill or bank statement (with the name and address of the client)
Date of filling out the form:
Consent to verification, transmission and processing of data
Check the box, thereby you consent to the processing of data
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