We are building civil and industrial facilities throughout Kazakhstan.
INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP (ICG) is a successful company providing services for exploration, construction and development of solid mineral deposits by open and underground methods in the mining and chemical sector. The company aims at rapid development in both existing markets, successfully implementing its projects in Kazakhstan. The construction projects in which the company is involved are of great infrastructural significance, and the target markets show impressive growth potential.

State license, permissions:
  • Construction and installation work of the I-category
  • Opening and development of solid mineral deposits by open and underground methods
  • Researches
  • Training and testing knowledge of managers and engineers on industrial safety issues

Directions :
Construction of transport infrastructure.
  • The construction of railways.
  • Road construction.
  • Construction of bridges and transport tunnels.
  • Construction of airfields and take-off areas.
  • Water supply construction.
  • The construction of the gas pipeline.
  • The construction of the pipeline.
Civil Engineering.
  • The construction of residential buildings.
  • Construction of kindergartens.
  • School construction.
  • Construction of an administrative building.
Industrial engineering
  • Factory construction
  • Factory Construction
  • Workshop construction
Why do you need to choose our company?
Obvious market opportunities in developing, but not fully developed markets of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries such as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia.
A significant advantage based on successfully completed projects, identifying ICG as the preferred option in the specialized services market.
Highly qualified management team:
Extensive experience in the markets of Kazakhstan.
A unique and successful experience, confirmed by projects completed on time and within the approved budget.
Completed projects over the last 3 years
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