Webinar of the project "Epoch and Personality"

On may 14, participants of the scientific and educational project "Epoch and Personality" invited their associates and colleagues to an online meeting. The moderator was Professor Nursulu Zhamalbekovna Shaimerdenova. 

Continuing the theme of the anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the webinar was dedicated to Kazakh linguists who fought at the front. The meeting participants recalled such famous scientists as academician Abduali Tuganbaevich Kaydarov, Professor Moisey Mikhailovich Kopylenko, Professor Avram Efremovich Karlinsky, Professor Khalabi Mukhitovich Saykiev, Professor Sarsen Amanzholovich Amanzholov

Professor Eleonora Dyusenovna Suleimenova spoke about the high culture, intelligence, scientific heritage and scientific horizons of M. M. Kopylenko and A. T. Kaydarov. She shared with the participants of the seminar valuable facts (which are not mentioned in any book and the Internet) from the biography of scientists, introduced them to their scientific activities and works. Today, few people know that academician Abduali Kaydarov went to the front as a 17-year-old volunteer, and came from the war as a knight of high awards: The Order of Glory of the III degree, the Order of the Patriotic War I, two orders of the Red Star, the medal "For the Defense of Moscow". 

Professor Nursulu Zhamalbekovna Shaimerdenova told about the facts from the military biography of M. M. Kopylenko: that he went to the front in July 1941 (as a third-year student) to the artillery forces with the rank of Lieutenant; fought on the Stalingrad and Leningrad fronts; was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II, the medal "For Military Merit" and other 14 awards.

Associate Professor Zhanara Dauletbaevna Malikova in a presentation dedicated to A. E. Karlinsky told about the military awards of the scientist who returned from the war with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. A. E. Karlinsky, for his valiant service, was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II, the medals "For Courage" and "For the Defense of Leningrad". 

The project manager, Associate Professor Mainura Abiltayevna Buribaeva, introduced the facts from the life of Kh. M. Saykiev. The participants of the seminar learned that in 1941 he went to the front, where he became an editor of one of the military Newspapers in the Far East. After demobilization in 1946, Khalabi Mukhitovich moved to Almaty and began teaching at KazSU n.a. S. Kirov (now Al-Farabi KazNU). Khalabi Saykiev entered the history of Russian studies in Kazakhstan as the author of textbooks for Kazakh schools and universities, which gave impetus to research in comparative terms. 

Associate Professor Jemma Bolatovna Amanzholova talked about the participation in the Great Patriotic War of the scientist who stood at the origins of Kazakh Philology and linguistics - Professor Sarsen Amanzholov. After graduating from short-term training courses of the Higher Military Political Institute, from September 1942 he fought on the Karelian Front, in Murmansk. He participated in military operations of the 1st and 2nd Belorussian fronts, marched Poland, East Prussia, and took Berlin. In 2010, his son (a well-known scientist and Turkologist Altai Sarsenovich Amanzholov) published a book on behalf of his father "Experience in political and educational work in the army". 

Professor Zhuldyz Sagidullaevna Smagulova emphasized the importance of such educational meetings and especially such a topic, because today it is important to understand how courageous the scientists who went through the war possessed. Despite the memory of the war years horrors, they were able to build a new life, make scientific discoveries, and bring high culture and intelligence to the student audience. 

The participants of the “Epoch and Personality” project and the Academy team bow their Heads to the courage and heroism of mentors, outstanding scientists and teachers!
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