About Academy
The Academy was founded in 2019. This was preceded by the many years of scientists (founders) work, united under the auspices of the scientific project of the MES RK "Children's literature as the basis for the formation of a spiritual and moral personality in multicultural Kazakhstan" (2012-2014).

Currently, the research and events of the Academy have found support represented by such organizations as SEC of APK, KazNU Al-Farabi, T.K. Zhurgenov KazNAA,
L.N. Gumilyov ENU, etc.

"We work in order to increase the prestige of children's books in Kazakhstani society, help children and their parents in matters of reading culture and reading literacy, draw the attention of domestic writers, researchers, teachers to the "non-child problems" of children's literature..."
the team of the "ALTAIR" Children's Books Academy
The Academy implements projects in which scientists and their young colleagues address a wide audience in order to attract attention to domestic science, children's literature and expand the circle of people interested in knowledge.

One of the modern linguopedagogical and ethnopsychological directions that combines the theory and practice of effective use of fairy tales in working with adults and children.
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"Read, draw and dream together"
An author's project aimed at developing reader interest and reading literacy in children and adults.
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"Children's literature"
The project aims to popularize the works of classics, as well as the development of modern Kazakhstani children's literature.
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"Through fairy tales to the history and culture of the people of Kazakhstan"
This project is a kind of interactive fairy tale Museum that teaches children to reflect on the history and culture of both their people and those who have been living in Kazakhstan since ancient times.
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If you have a desire to publish a book about children or for children, we will be happy to help you with this. The Academy publishes books in the series "Author's Tales", as well as scientific and methodological literature on the problems of functional and reader literacy, family reading and reading interests.
You can contact us to purchase books by submitting a request.
+7 775 94 94 940
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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